Internet Policy

Every computer on the Internet is identified by a unique number called an IP address which is assigned each time you connect to the Internet.  When you visit any web site, your IP address is recorded. We collect IP addresses for the sole purpose of tracking information and to compile statistics to help us improve the site so that our users will find it more helpful and informative. The information is used solely for these purposes and is discarded after use. IP address information is not distributed to third parties.  We collect data on the most popular pages visited, day of the week and time of day that visitors are coming to our site. We also collect information on how long members stay on the site and how many members are coming to the site each week.

To provide you with greater access to information, our site also contains links to other sites. NW Capital Management does not endorse any third party entity to which you may link from this web site. While we hope these organizations join us in respecting your privacy, NWCM is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these other web sites.  

If you have any questions or concern, contact us.